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Transform your online reputation with our customized consulting services. With the right strategy and marketing, you’ll reach new heights.


Simply put, we help you show up higher in search results! Our SEO services include keyword research, site and social optimization, and more.


The right content and ads will allow you to reach and engage with your target audience, build brand awareness, plus drive traffic and sales.


We’ve managed the accounts of celebrities and business leaders with millions of followers – let us help you get noticed above all the noise.

Sarah Rayer Consulting

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Are you fun, fabulous and fierce – but want more of an online influence? We got you. At Sarah Rayer Consulting & SEO, we specialize in the sometimes unglamorous, behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done so you can be No. 1 online.

Join us on a journey to get you to the top of search results. You’ll end up with a stronger online presence and increased audience engagement. As a client of ours, here’s what you can expect You’ll be in good company, too – we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in pop culture

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“Once my website was just as I wanted it, I thought that was all I needed to do. Boy, was I wrong. When I shared my frustration about the site not being the digital calling card I was expecting, Sarah Rayer immediately understood what was missing. She helped ensure my SEO was up to par, without having to recreate my existing website and social accounts. And, just like that, I was showing up everywhere. Thank you, Sarah & team!!”


“Sarah and her team helped me when I felt like I had plateaued professionally. With a simple, well-targeted social media campaign and brand refresh, I experienced a resurgence in career opportunities due to the right people reaching out after seeing all the online buzz.”


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