Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit

Are you currently working with an agency but want to see the overall performance and how you can improve your online presence? We will provide you the following analysis auditing and evaluating your Website, Social Media, SEO, Reputation Management, Content Strategy, Digital Ad Campaigns and Influencer outreach.

Why Choose Us?

We make you the star of your digital performance, helping you achieve your goals.

360-Degree Assessment

Our audit offers a comprehensive evaluation of your digital marketing strategies, analyzing channels, campaigns, and tactics to uncover strengths and growth opportunities.

We make you the star of your digital performance, helping you achieve your goals.

Identifying Untapped Potential

We identify untapped potential and inefficiencies within your digital marketing efforts, providing actionable insights to optimize your strategies and maximize ROI.

We make you the star of your digital performance, helping you achieve your goals.

Tailored Recommendations

Benefit from personalized recommendations and strategic insights that cater to your specific business goals, helping you refine targeting, messaging, and channel allocation for better results.

We make you the star of your digital performance, helping you achieve your goals.

Performance Enhancement

Our audit aims to enhance overall performance, aligning your digital marketing efforts with industry best practices and innovative techniques to elevate your brand's online presence and effectiveness.

Scorecard of Current Services

Our audit service is tailored to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your collaboration with a digital agency. Here’s a breakdown of what we offer:

Assessment Planning:

We work closely with you to comprehend your business objectives and expectations. Collaborating together, we define the audit’s scope, and objectives, establish key performance indicators (KPIs), and set timelines for assessment.

Evaluation of Strategy and Planning:

Reviewing your overall strategy, encompassing marketing plans, campaigns, and targeting methods. We assess alignment with your business goals, evaluate planning effectiveness, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Performance Analysis:

Thoroughly analyze the performance of diverse digital marketing channels and tactics employed by the agency. This includes SEO, PPC advertising, social media, content, and email marketing. We evaluate metrics, identify strengths, and highlight opportunities to improve performance and ROI.

Website and User Experience Review:

Evaluate your website’s design, structure, and user experience. This involves assessing navigation, responsiveness, load times, and overall usability. Additionally, a content review provides recommendations for optimization and enhanced engagement.

Social Media and Online Presence Analysis:

Assess the digital agency’s social media presence across various platforms. We review content strategies, engagement levels, community management practices, and advertising campaigns, offering insights to boost brand visibility and engagement.

Data and Analytics Assessment:

Analyze the agency’s data collection and reporting processes. This includes reviewing accuracy, relevance, completeness of data, and the quality of analytics tools used. Recommendations aim to improve data tracking, measurement, and reporting for actionable insights.

Recommendations and Actionable Insights:

We compile comprehensive reports detailing our observations, key findings, and improvement recommendations. These encompass strategy refinement, website enhancements, social media tactics, and data tracking improvements, prioritizing actionable insights for your digital agency’s overall enhancement.

Ongoing Support and Collaboration:

Post-audit, we offer support in implementing recommended changes, tracking progress, and monitoring improvements’ impact. Collaborating with your team and the digital agency ensures successful implementation and continual enhancement.

Our audit service aims to optimize your digital agency collaboration, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations to elevate your digital presence and performance.

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My great joy is helping to make each client’s vision come true. I bring a variety of producing skills to my work – creative direction, budget management, and hand-selecting the right team of experts for each project. I love conceptualizing and bringing a digital strategy to life, whether that involves social media and SEO optimization to content marketing and advertising.

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How it works


Initial Consultation

During this consultation, we will discuss your digital marketing need sand goals, and provide a quote for our services.



We will conduct a thorough analysis of your website to identify any technical and content-related issues that may be affecting your search engine rankings.


Customized Plan

Based on our findings from the website audit, we will develop a customized plan to improve your online presence, including strategies for SEO optimization, social media management, and whether buying ads are a good fit based on your needs.



Our team will implement the strategies outlined in the customized plan, making any necessary updates and optimizations to your website and online presence.