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Sarah Rayer Consulting

Meet Sarah

I’m a successful, result oriented, digital producer for many high profile brands and celebrities including Dr. Fredric Brandt, Lea Black, Vanity Fair Writers, Joanna Krupa, The Queen of Versailles and many others. I have a proven track record of helping brands achieve their digital objectives by creating unique digital strategies that see significant results.  


My great joy is helping to make my client’s vision come to life.   I bring producing skills – creative direction, managing budgets, choosing a team of experts for each client to make sure the team fully understands and can implement the vision each client. I love conceptualizing and bringing all digital asset to life from website to social media, to design. 


Interested in hearing more?  I started my career as a producer in live theater working at some of the best US theaters, including The Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival and Playwrights Horizons.  I worked with legendary playwrights and actors in contemporary theater including Henry Miller, Sam Shepard, Christopher Walken, Glenn Close, and Kevin Kline….I got to learn from the best and have some great stories to tell!


My philosophy…


We spend thousands of dollars on SEO, websites, keywords, google ads, getting websites updated.  And, while that’s important, I think that it is critical to start with, their story, what matters to them, what they want, and their ideal customers in mind.  Ask yourself, “What makes you excited about your product or business? What value do you bring to the world?” Tell your story better and connect with the right people faster…that is the starting point of all successful digital campaigns.

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